I. General rules

1. www.nunu.lt e-shop is owned by UAB Simonos kūryba: company code 304165461, address: Ateities St. 5-11, Vilnius, tel .: +370 654 25454. The rules (hereinafter - the Rules) of the online store (hereinafter - the Store) apply to the Customer when placing an order at the store.

2. nunu.lt has the right to adjust the Store Rules. The Rules apply to all Customers ordering in this Store.

3. The customer must read the Store Rules before placing an order. In all cases, the Customer is considered to be familiar with the Rules and agrees to them when the order is placed.

 4. The Store is not liable for incurred losses (material or moral) in cases where the problems were caused by the Customer's failure to take into account the information in the Rules that is publicly available on this page.

II. privacy policy

1. In order to order items from the Store, the Customer must register by entering all the information specified in the registration form. All required fields are necessary for executing the order. The Store confirms that the fact of registration does not mean that information messages will be sent to the Customer, except for those that are necessary for ordering and delivery. If the customer wishes to receive information messages from the Store, the Customer will be given the opportunity to choose.

2. When the Customer orders the goods, the personal data of the Customer, necessary for the delivery, must be indicated: name, surname, the address to which the goods will be delivered, telephone number, other data necessary for delivery. The Store confirms that such data will be used only for the purposes of ordering and delivery. The Store undertakes not to disclose such information to third parties, except for the Store's partners providing delivery or other services related to the submission or fulfillment of the Customer's order. Any other exceptions to the disclosure of the Client's personal information to third parties shall be coordinated with the Client in all cases. In all other cases, any personal data of the Client may be disclosed to third parties only in the cases provided in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

3. The Customer, by registering in the Store and ordering goods, commits not to  disclose login details to anyone. At the same time, the Customer confirms being an adult who has the right to make the order from the Store. In the event that the Customer discloses login details, the Store is released from any liability related thereto.

4. The Customer, after getting familiarized with the Rules, confirms being informed that while browsing the Store, cookie files (files sent from the Internet server) will be placed on his computer.

5. The Store confirms that it seeks to use the most advanced technologies for the protection of Customers' personal data.

III. Order submission procedure and conditions

1. The customer selects the goods he likes by visiting the Store's website. Based on his choice, a shopping bag is formed.

2. After creating the shopping bag, the Customer (if he has not yet registered and logged in to the system) must enter the data necessary for delivery of the selected goods: name, address to which the goods will be delivered, telephone and additional information that may be relevant for delivery. The Store confirms that the data provided by the Customer will be used exclusively for the purposes of sale and delivery, without violating the requirements for the protection of personal data provided by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

3. Next, the Customer must choose one of the possible payment methods in the Store. At the same time, the delivery method can be chosen.

4. In the last step, all the data provided by the Customer are generated, before that the Customer must make sure that the provided information is correct and meets his / her wishes. The customer has the opportunity to correct errors before sending the order. In case the Customer is not familiar with the Rules of the Store before selecting the goods, he must  before confirming his order.

5. After the Customer confirms the order, the Store receives all the information about it. The Order is considered submitted from the moment it is received by the Store. The Order is considered a contract between the Customer and the Store. However, such a contract shall be deemed enforceable only from the moment when the Store receives a confirmation from the Customer's chosen method of payment for the payment for the goods.

6. After the Customer submits the order, the Store system automatically sends the Customer a confirmation e-mail, indicating the ordered goods and the data provided by the Customer.

7. When the Store receives notification that the Customer has made a payment for the order, the Store undertakes to execute the order.

8. The Order submitted by the Customer is stored in the database of the Store in accordance with the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania regarding the term of storage of such data.

9. In all cases, when submitting The Order, The Customer is considered to be familiar with and unconditionally agree with all The Rules of The Store, as well as with all other conditions specified in the order.

10. The Agreement shall be concluded and executed in the Lithuanian language.

IV. Warranty and pricing of the goods

1. The details about each product shall be indicated together with each product.

2. The Store indicates, and The Customer confirms, that he is aware that color, shape or measurements of the goods specified in The Store may not correspond to the actual size, shape and color due to the characteristics of the monitor used.

3. The Customer agrees that by placing an order in the Store, he undertakes to pay for the goods the price indicated in the order.

4. Prices in The Store and in The Order are indicated in Euros.

5. If the goods, sold to The Customer, are not of adequate quality, The Customer has  the right to require from the seller:

1) To change a product of poor quality to a product of good quality;

2) To eliminate the defects of the goods free of charge or to cover the costs of repair;

3) To reduce the price of the product;

4) To cancel the Order, thus eliminating the contract of sale, and return the money paid for the goods, except in cases when the defect is insignificant. The criterion of insignificance of goods shall be established by an institution authorized by the Government.

6. Obligations of the Shop regarding the goods:

6.1. The Store undertakes responsibility to deliver goods that correspond to the information specified for each product.

6.2. The Store undertakes to provide the Customer with the quantity of goods specified in the order. The Store shall not be liable in cases where the quantity of the transferred goods is not accurate due to the fact that the Customer has incorrectly indicated the data in the order submitted to the Store.

6.3. In all cases, the Store provides the Customer with a range of goods that meet the criteria set out in the Order.

6.4. The Store specifies the delivery time for each product, so the Customer must pay attention to possible different delivery times before placing an order.

6.5. The Store undertakes to provide all information related to the product and delivery, and to contact the Customer in case the execution of the Order, beyond the control of the Store, fails.

6.6. The goods are delivered packaged according to their nature in order to make the goods fit for their intended use.

V. Return of the goods

1. When buying in the Store nunu.lt. each buyer, and the goods purchased, that are of adequate quality, are given  14-day return guarantee from the date of the reception of the goods if:

1.1 the product is unused and undamaged;

1.2 the product has not lost its commercial appearance (labels, etc.);

1.3 the returned product is complete with all the documentation and original packaging provided by the manufacturer.

2. To return a good quality product:

2.1 fill in the goods return form, which is provided below;

2.2 explain the reason in the downloaded return form below;

2.3 the product must be unused, with labels and in the original packaging, undamaged.

3. Quality goods shall not be returned if they are:

3.1 goods that were produced individually according to the Buyer's request;

3.2 in other cases, when the purchase and sale agreement cannot be terminated in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

4. If the product is not subject to a quality guarantee period, the Customer may file claims for defects of the product within 2 years from the date of purchase of the product. 

5. To return an item of poor quality, follow the steps listed above. (points 2.1, 2.2)

6. The store undertakes to provide a reasoned written response to the consumer  within 10 days from the date of receipt of the Customer’s request.

7. The Customer, who has canceled the contract, shall cover the cost of return of the goods. In the case of remotely drafted contracts - the cost of the return of the goods, if goods can not be sent by the post shall be covered by the Customer as well. The Customer is responsible only for the direct expense of the return of the goods, except the events in which the provider of the services, according to the contract, is required to cover the expenses, or in the event in which the provider of the service has not informed the Customer properly that the expense of the return shall be covered by the Customer. 

8. The buyer may exchange the goods and request:

8.1 that the product is replaced by an analogous good quality product, except in cases when the defects are minor or they are caused by the Customer.

8.2 that the product is replaced due to an incorrect size.

We may refuse to accept the product if changes have been made to the appearance of the product.

VI. Payment procedure and terms

1. The Customer pays for the ordered goods in one of the ways specified in the Store: using online bank or other payment methods.

2. If the Customer has chosen one of the online payment methods, he undertakes to pay for the ordered goods immediately, otherwise he loses the right to make claims for delivery terms, because according to the Customer's order the shipment begins only after the Store receives payment.

VII. Delivery of goods

1. The shop undertakes to indicate the delivery date next to each product. In the event of a failure with the delivery, the Store undertakes to contact the Customer and find the best solution.

2. The Customer undertakes to pay attention to the specified delivery term and refer to the Store only if 24 hours have passed since the end of the delivery term.

3. When ordering the goods, the Customer undertakes responsibility to indicate the place of delivery of the goods and the person who will accept the goods.

4. The Customer undertakes to accept the goods himself. In the event that he is unable to accept the goods himself and the goods have been delivered to the specified address and on the basis of other data provided by the Customer, the Customer shall not be entitled to make claims to the Store regarding wrongful delivery of the goods.

5. The customer, who has chosen to pick up the goods at the company's shop  during the ordering, must submit an identity document and a copy of the order. The store undertakes responsibility to call the Customer when the product is ready.

6. The goods ordered in the Store are delivered in three ways:

1) Omniva courier (3.00 eur.)

2)  Omniva post machine (2.50eur.)

3) Lithuanian Post (2.50 eur.)

4) Pick up at company headquarters (free of charge)

7. After selecting the Omniva post machine service, you will be able to select the most suitable or closest post machine from the list. 

8. In case upon receiving the goods the Customer notices that the Order does not contain suitable goods, the Customer must immediately inform the Store about it by phone or e-mail info@nunu.lt

VI. Other provisions

1. All notifications to the Store must be submitted by e-mail info@nunu.lt or by phone no. +370 654 25454

2. The Agreement is concluded, executed and all communication between the Customer and the Store takes place in the state language.

3. Online Customer disputes can be settled on the Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform http://ec.europa.eu/odr/. 

4. First of all, the Store shall be contacted by e-mail info@nunu.lt, if the consensus, regarding inadequate goods, return or exchange of the goods will not be reached, the Customer can submit a request/complaint to the State Consumer Rights Protection Service (Vilniaus St. 25, 01402 Vilnius, e-mail@ vvtat.lt, phone 8 5 262 67 51, fax 8 (5) 279 1466, on the website www.vvtat.lt (also to the territorial subdivisions of the State Consumer Rights Protection Service in the county).